The new league system will alter the game’s ecosystem

The new roadmap for a three-tiered club football system presented by All India Football Federation in consonance with its marketing and broadcast partners will give Indian Super League an independent status feels the FC Pune City CEO Gaurav Modwel.

"This is a right step towards making ISL the first comprehensive sport league of the country. The three-tier system will have the league spread over a period of around seven months and thereby bring it out of the short two-month formats like the IPL, HIL or PBL," said Modwel, who was among the country’s top club officials attending the meeting in Delhi that discussed the vision document on Indian football.

"The ISL is the best thing to happen to Indian football as it has been able to create a disruption in a sluggish trend and has stirred the sport out of a state of inertia. The three-tier system with ISL on top is very much in tune with the international practice of the league system," Modwel said.

The CEO of the Pune franchise noted that the move was necessary for the betterment of the ecosystem of the sport in the country and should be carried forward after working out the nitty-gritty. "This move will start a lot of debate and criticism but we have to look at the fact that the I-League was seeing a failing attendance with every passing year," Modwel said. “It is now certain that there is a market for football and the correct financial model will emerge in a few years,” he added.

The ISL is providing an international dressing room which is a great incentive for the Indian players and the three-tier club competition incorporating the zonal teams will help in increasing the talent pool, said the FC Pune City boss. "You well see the signals of development in five years and in 10 years you will find big results," Modwel said justifying the vision of the new roadmap envisaged by the mandarins of Indian football.