Indian Super League: FC Pune City bat for merger between ISL and I-League

The CEO of the Deccan-based Indian Super League (ISL) franchise opines that it is important to create a system which has many opportunities for players…

FC Pune City CEO Gaurav Modwel believes that it is vital to realign the systems in Indian football in order to progress on the path to become a better footballing nation.

"There is a need to realign the current systems. You need a pyramid based structure wherein apart from the league at the top, you need regional divisions. It would create more opportunities for the players.

"For example if you undertake youth development, where does my young player get an opportunity to play. If you have multi-tiered league system, it would afford many players a chance to play which would eventually aid in his progress," said Modwel.

He further opined that following the mooted merger between the Indian Super League (ISL) and I-League, clubs must designate who their four foreigners are for the continental competitions at the start of the season.

"The six foreign players in the line-up rule is something which can be gradually brought down. For the AFC tournaments, at the start of the season whichever team has qualified can designate the four foreign players,” he mentioned.

Modwel commented that for Indian football to progress, it is vital to have as many clubs as possible involved in various tiers or regional leagues.

"In my opinion, there must be at least a 100-to-200 clubs playing in vibrant leagues. There are so many 18-year-olds who come out of an academy but need time to hone their skills. Any plan in the current scenario would only be better as currently there aren’t many opportunities for an Indian footballer," he explained.